Essentials for Great Images™

Free lessons from professional photographer Eric Law

Essentials for Great Images™ provides the basic information artists and artisans need for successfully photographing your work, presented in a clear and easy-to-follow style. You’ll learn about the most important camera settings, lighting and shooting different types of artwork, how to edit the images on a computer or tablet, and the easiest way to format them for different uses.

Lessons Included With All Memberships

Also Included...

  • Lessons delivered by streaming video and available 24/7 to watch on your mobile device or desktop computer.
  • Downloadable Lesson Guides with transcripts of the videos, if you prefer to read the lessons, space to make notes, and worksheets with exercises to help you understand the lesson and put it into practice. Click here to download a sample.
  • An online member Forum for questions and answers about photographing artwork and working with the images.

Five Weeks to Great Images Program

For the next five weeks, I’ll send you a couple of emails each week to encourage and guide you through the lessons. And you can cancel at any time. Just click the Subscribe button below to get started.