What About DPI?


But wait, you say, some shows want a “high-resolution” image—what about DPI?


Click on the video (above) to watch the lesson. Open the Lesson Guide (button below) for a transcript of the video. It has space to make notes and a worksheet if you download and print a copy.

The short worksheet at the end of the Lesson Guide will help you with DPI and image specifications. Complete the worksheet with the prospectus from several shows in front of you.

Compare the Images

The two images from the video are shown here side-by-side, one at 72 DPI (on the left) and the other at 300 DPI (on the right), so you can see for yourself whether the DPI matters. Slide the separator left and right and compare how they look. They look the same, don’t they? Although the images have different DPI values, they have the same number of pixels, the same dimensions, and the same file size. Whether viewed on a computer screen or printed, the images will always be identical. Myth busted!

Open the forum discussion (button below) and reply with your questions about DPI. If you’re having trouble understanding DPI and image specifications, reply in the forum and describe the problem. One of your fellow students or I will try to assist you. I encourage you to reply with any other questions or comments about the lesson, too.

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