New ShootMyArt™ Website

Welcome to the new ShootMyArt™ website! We’ve given it a fresh look and added a lot of new content for artists and artisans.

The new ShootmyArt™ Academy is the place for you to learn to photograph your art and work with the images like a pro. It features online learning resources available to members, a community to share and learn from the experience of other artists, and one-on-one coaching in-studio or online. There’s even a free membership level for access to the essential information you need.

Or if you just need professional photography and media services from an expert, we have a list of available services and a convenient online tool to schedule an appointment for a free, no-obligation consultation to learn more about our services or to drop-off your artwork.

Whatever your needs, we want you to have the best images of your work because your art deserves great images! Not a member yet? What are you waiting for…join the academy today!

Five Weeks to Great Images Program

For the next five weeks, I’ll send you a couple of emails each week to encourage and guide you through the lessons. And you can cancel at any time. Just click the Subscribe button below to get started.