Step 1: Set the Camera


The first step in shooting great images of your work is to set the camera properly.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re taking the photos with a compact point-and-shoot camera, an expensive DSLR, or the camera in your phone. You won’t get great images if you’re using the wrong settings. Understanding and applying the correct settings on your camera will save you a great deal of time and effort—and avoid a lot of the frustration.


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The short worksheet at the end of the Lesson Guide will help you with selecting a camera.

Open the forum discussion (button below) and reply with what camera you use to shoot your artwork, as well as your experience with it. If you’re having trouble choosing a camera, reply in the forum with a question. One of your fellow students or I will try to assist you. I encourage you to reply with any other questions or comments about the lesson, too.

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